Ashlee Phillips


At the beginning of 2020, Mindbody had 320 martial arts customers, but our software wasn't created with their needs in mind.

Build an interface specifically for martial arts customers to manage their clients. Surprise twist: make it general, too. Any studio that offers progression-based classes (fitness challenges, aerial arts, barre, etc.) should also be able to use the new UX.


Imitate the manual process studio owners use to track their clients and translate that into a digital environment.

How I helped

  • Information architecture
  • Taxonomy and labeling



Learn more about martial arts—what does the language look like?—and find out how our customers hack our software to make it work for their business.

I worked closely with research and our internal teams to get the inside scoop on the vocabulary of both martial arts customers and nontraditional fitness studios to find where their languages intersected. What words do they both use? What would make sense for any martial arts disciplines (because they're all different) AND pilates, silks, and aerial studios?


Mindbody deprioritized this project after COVID-19.

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