Friday five
July 13, 2018

ONE || Won’t You Be My Neighbor

This documentary about Fred Rogers, of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, was sentimental and mesmerizing. To hear from the people who knew Mr. Rogers best–his wife, co-stars, children–was powerful. Behind the sweaters and puppetry, Fred Rogers was a complex, complicated man.

TWO || JREAMZ | Jabawockeez

While we were in Las Vegas. we saw the Jabawockeez dance crew. Their latest show is ethereal and funny. If you have kids, this is actually a really great show for the whole family.

Be warned, though: there is an element of audience participation. Eek.

THREE || The Shining

Somehow I made it through my entire literature life without having read any Stephen King. To remedy that, I picked up The Shining and powered my way through it. Though I didn’t find it so scary I needed to put it in the freezer (Friends fans, anyone?), it was a well-written horror show. The movie gets a lot wrong and doesn’t capture the psychological terror and torment that Danny (our actual protagonist, in my opinion) suffers at the hands of his dad at the Overlook Hotel.

If you haven’t read this bad boy yet, I suggest you give it whirl, girl.

FOUR || A New Biometrics Test that will Uncover your True Travel Desires

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a sucker for a personality quiz. And one that predicts the perfect travel destination?! Forget about it! This quiz requires a quick hand, so your truest desires are revealed through intuition-based choices. Your results are revealed along with a hotel recommendation in each location.

These are my results: Texas, Brazil, or the UK

Ashlee, you are craving a chance to reconnect with the world in a warm destination. You have a preference for modern and clean surroundings and need to recharge by exploring all that is new. You feel most at home in the serenity of the outdoors. A romantic getaway is what your heart wants.

FIVE || How to Work from Home without Getting Saddled with All of the Housework

I might be back working from home for the next few weeks as I wait to hear from a job prospect as a copywriter. Last time I worked from home, I felt overwhelmed by the self-imposed expectation that I do all the housework. This article helps people who work from home separate work life from home life.