Ashlee Phillips


Encourage customers to share honest, actionable feedback about their app experience.


Create an in-app feedback survey (presented as a modal) that's easy to use. Then, build a repository of the info gathered to use as research for future projects.

How I helped

  • Content strategy and plain language writing
  • Message development
  • Information architecture
  • Taxonomy and grouping



After researching other apps' feedback features, Kit and I worked through several design iterations. Emma and I decided which questions to ask and how to best phrase them so we weren’t leading the customers.


  • Keep it short and simple—don’t ask more than two questions
  • Don’t make the long form field required
  • Include a photo of the researcher so customers know their responses are getting read by a human


So many responses

The feedback modal is one of the most popular additions to our app! We received over 400 replies within the first weeks of release without marketing the survey's existence.

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