Update the MINDBODY business app’s mobile checkout experience so customers can:

  • Learn how to connect the new mobile point-of-sale device, the BBPOS Chipper, along with a tutorial on how to use it
  • Let clients review their cart before paying
  • Request tips more discreetly

Use a shared UI so developers could build the experience faster.

Work environment challenge

In the middle of the design process, management swapped visual designers and the UX designer left the company.


Simplify the current experience by combining and eliminating a screens while using consistent elements across Android and iOS apps.

How I helped

  • Guerrilla testing
  • Message development and content strategy (specifically around tipping)
  • Information architecture



First, I ran a research session to see if the current experience (and the first version of the redesign) was going in the right direction. I also analyzed the competition (Square, Toast).

Laura and I worked closely with the developers since there were legacy technical hurdles with the shared components and the original design. What code was changeable? Which screens need an error state or microcopy? How can we make this experience simpler? What has to stay because of legal requirements?

The customer’s cart had to be reviewable before payment request, which required moving the tip request workflow.


  • Simplify content
  • Use consistent terms
  • Defer to platform styles
  • Reorder screens
  • Condense button copy to one-word CTAs
  • Reduce the number of times the device is being handed between a staff member and customer


Total sales transactions have increased by 7% since the new tipping workflow was released (November 2019).

As of January 2020, the app is processing an average of $692,000 each month through the mobile checkout experience.

See it live on the MINDBODY business app.

Mobile POS connect process Mobile POS collect process

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