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How a Baseball Hat Helped Me Feel at Home
After a few months of living in San Luis Obispo, I felt like my non-Californian status was evident from one glance. I avoided talking for fear my Southern accent might bring attention to me, or worse, encourage stereotypes and derision. Everywhere I went things were different—weather, traffic, grocery stores, social rules. It wasn’t an obvious otherworld,… Read more
I Got Stood Up
On Friday, I was stood up. Professionally. But it still stung. The plan was set, a reminder was sent, and I showed up at the agreed upon location. About 20 minutes went by, and the person I was supposed to be meeting hadn’t arrived. I didn’t know what to do. What’s the protocol for being… Read more
Talent Follows Taste
Your taste and talent won’t match up at the beginning of your creative pursuit, and that’s normal. What’s abnormal, however, is fighting through that first stage of crap work that frustrates you. People give up, but if you push through the pain, you’ll find yourself creating on par with your taste. If you can’t take… Read more
Putting the X in X-Men’s Chromosomes
Last week, Brian and I saw Logan, the latest and final chapter for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine saga, at least as my generation of millennials know it. I won’t get into the giant debate as to whether it was a good movie or not — I say no; Brian and my little brother, Clayton, say HELL YEAH!!… Read more
Judgment Stems from Shame
I was recently given access to a talk about living wholeheartedly with all that entails: shame and vulnerability, authenticity and creation. Truly, the author/speaker, Kyle Naylor, missed a really good opportunity to be a Southern preacher, and I mean that as the highest of compliments. There were several moments during the lecture where I was… Read more
Feminism Isn’t a Bad Word
Feminism is not a dirty word. It is not profane to be a feminist. Spanning the spectrum from feminazis to misandry, feminism has become associated with “man-hating” liberals and “pro-abortion” supporters. Not only is this limiting perspective degrading and ugly, but it’s also sexist and elitist. Yet another way gender equality is obfuscated by gender war…. Read more
It’s Okay if Things Aren’t Okay
Life is tough. Things aren’t always going to be perfect or even good, and that’s okay. On those inevitable bad days, it’s so easy to look around, take stock of everything that sucks, and feel worse about your day/week/month/life. It makes things especially difficult with family and friends’ social media posts constantly slamming us with… Read more