On Writing

How to Prepare for a Profile Feature
After two years, 12 profiles, and a shit-ton of time wasted looking for the “right” way to write profile features, I’ve figured out my own system of doing things. I didn’t discover these tips in a blog post or learn them in a classroom. They’re the lessons I’ve failed, braved, and weathered in the trenches…. Read more
Things I Do When I’m Writing-Resistant
Woman sitting on bed with a spread of magazines and books at her feet
Scrub the toilet. Rearrange the bedroom furniture. Exercise. But like not too hard. I just moved the bed and chest of drawers. Bathe the cat. Delete emails (aka read college emails from 2010 and the attached class assignments and feel super proud of some of that work). Call my mom, knowing we’re going to be… Read more
Writing Advice from the Greats
Quotes from writers about writing for writers. Sometimes, it helps knowing even the greats had trouble finding the inspiration or the perfect word; it’s comforting to know that they felt a little insecure, too. “I don’t care if a reader hates one of my stories, just as long as he finishes the book.” —Roald Dahl “The… Read more