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Five Lessons Learned from Failure
2017 was the year I’d been dreading since 2007. I wanted to line my adolescent gray skies with adulthood silver liningsā€”professional accomplishments, a passport full of exotic stamps, success. Wholly unoriginal, I understand that, but I wanted to be something worth being. Ten years ago, I set off to college full of ambition and excitement… Read more
Conditional Giving
Last week, Brian and I were strolling through SLO’s infamous Farmers’ Market — one of our favorite Thursday night pastimes — when we happened upon an intriguing conversation. A man, barefoot and greasy, clad in board shorts and a graphic tee, was panhandling — not uncommon during the elite’s downtown Thursday gathering — when this… Read more
Maybe Don’t Follow your Passion
We’re told from the very beginning, “Do what you LOVE. Follow your passion.” This isĀ not only bad advice but a harmful, irrelevant mantra. What you’re passionate about and what you love may not translate to a viable career path. Instead, consider this advice from Ashley Stahl: Ask yourself, “Who am I? What am good at?… Read more