You Have 168 Hours Every Week
Every week, we all have 168 hours. subtract 8 hours of sleep every night (56 hours) Now, you have 112 hours. subtract 8 hours of work every day (40 hours) That leaves us with 72 hours. Three days a week. What are you going to do with those few precious free hours?
Maybe Don’t Follow your Passion
We’re told from the very beginning, “Do what you LOVE. Follow your passion.” This is┬ánot only bad advice but a harmful, irrelevant mantra. What you’re passionate about and what you love may not translate to a viable career path. Instead, consider this advice from Ashley Stahl: Ask yourself, “Who am I? What am good at?… Read more
It’s Okay if Things Aren’t Okay
Life is tough. Things aren’t always going to be perfect or even good, and that’s okay. On those inevitable bad days, it’s so easy to look around, take stock of everything that sucks, and feel worse about your day/week/month/life. It makes things especially difficult with family and friends’ social media posts constantly slamming us with… Read more