Most Things aren’t a Big Deal

January 29, 2018

Today, I couldn’t muster the desire to get out of the car or walk into the office building. Sitting in the passenger side (of my best friend’s ride), I turned to my husband and admitted, “The team is going out to lunch today. I don’t want to go.”

He looked at me and said, “Then don’t.”

I proceeded to list the pros and cons of my situation–why I shouldn’t go, what was expected of me, why it would be weird if I didn’t go–all the while falling further down the rabbit hole of small issues morphing into big problems.

He listened semi-patiently. And after I exhausted myself, though also procrastinated going to work, he pat my leg. “It doesn’t matter. This isn’t a big deal. Most things aren’t a big deal,” he said.

That really struck me: most things aren’t a big deal. 

Logically, I know it’s not a big deal. Morally, I understand there are worse problems in the world; nonetheless, I managed to wring myself into a stress puddle over a work lunch.

It’s a nice reminder and a necessary reality check to hear the little things, in fact most things, aren’t a big deal.

All too often, we get caught up in our woes and troubles. We sweat the small stuff because it feels like a big deal in the moment. But will I remember the day I did/didn’t go to lunch with the co-workers? Probably not.

Friday five

January 26, 2018

ONE || Tom Segura: Disgraceful

I love Tom Segura. He’s funny because he says all the things you’re thinking. He tactlessly touches on weight loss and parenthood, among other philosophical topics. You’ll find yourself slapping your knee, laughing out loud, exclaiming, “It’s funny ’cause it’s true!”

Or it’ll piss you off.

Either way.

TWO || TOMS Leila Mule

Love it or hate it, the ’90s are back, baby. And I, for one, am loving the re-emerged footwear trends. We’re talking clunky, chunky, and  as my mom would say clod-hoppery. I bought these TOMS mules from DSW, and I am obsessed.

They’re comfy, and I fully intend on wearing them to work (it’s a semi-casual environment). Also, everywhere else.

THREE || Invisibobble

These are hair rings that don’t leave an indentation in your hair after wearing them, which is a game-changer. If I put my hair in a ponytail to work out, there will be a crease left afterwards. It’s not the end of the world, but why not have the perfect hair ring for any situation, right?

They come in clear, black, brown, nude, blush, mint, and a variety of other fun hues. They’re perfect for throwing your hair up mid-day without wrecking your cute ‘do.

I linked you to the official invisibobble website, but you can find them at Nordstrom, Sephora, and Amazon, too.

FOUR || 7 Steps to Improving your Critical Thinking

Thinking critically is part of my job, and it has been part of my education. Since it requires questioning motive and method, critical thinking is hard and can feel unnatural. I looked for ways that I could improve my current skills and stumbled upon this article. It’s a quick, easy read and could be potentially illuminating, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

FIVE || Goose by Polyphia

Brian went to a concert a couple of months ago, and Polyphia was the band that opened for the headliner. Apparently, an Asian guy with a pink guitar started playing this song, “Goose,” and a hush fell over the crowd.

He played it for me, and I understood. This song is like once-a-decade kind of good.

Friday five

January 12, 2018

ONE || Molly’s Game

Captivating dialogue, top-shelf acting, lovely directing by Aaron Sorkin (his directorial debut, in fact), and just an overall great movie. It’s not often I see a movie that I enjoy and think, “My parents would like this movie.” But that’s the case with Molly’s Game. It was funny, moving, and an all-around amazing, entertaining film that upon leaving the theater will have you feeling hopeful, yet disappointed with the American justice system.

Spoiler: There’s a scene between Molly (Jessica Chastain) and her father (Kevin Costner) that will make you cry uncontrollably.

TWO || I, Tonya

Okay, Imma be real honest: I did not like I, Tonya. However, everyone else seems to, so let that sink in. I was so pumped to see this crazy-ass movie about the infamous Tonya Harding, but it just fell flat for me. It was too long, a factor probably highlighted by everything operating on the same level throughout; there was no rising action or climax and resolution. It was just nonstop he said/she said drama.

I hated it so much I can’t even write anything worthwhile about it.

I will say, though, that I thought the entire cast–Margo Robbie (as Tonya Harding), Allison Janney (as LaVona Harding), and Sebastian Stan (as Jeff Gillooly)–did an amazing job.

Weirdly, I, Tonya and Molly’s Game have eerie similarities: both feature the life stories of (albeit very different) women who are both former/disgraced Olympic champions who didn’t make it as far as their talent and training predicted. Both women were screwed over by men in their lives and the justice system penalized them more harshly and decidedly unfairly than their male counterparts. Weird. It’s almost like there’s a pattern or something. Hmm.

THREE || The Olive Branch

This is shower gel from Lush, a cosmetics company that makes handmade, vegetarian, not tested on animals, super amazing bath products. If you’ve ever been to a Lush store, it’s very overwhelming, so I avoid it all together. Until, that is, I read a Hello Giggles article that mentioned a particular scent that sounded too good to be true, so I went to the store and bought it.

IT IS HEAVEN ON EARTH, y’all. I will only ever use this bath gel for the rest of my life (provided they never change the formula). The scent is fresh, peppery, with slightly floral and citrus undertones. I’d even go so far as to say it is a tiny bit masculine, but once it’s on my skin, it just smells like I found my scent soul mate. It isn’t overwhelming, so it doesn’t last that long after the shower, but I don’t mind. That makes me feel like it’s less artificial. It makes my skin, which runs dry, super smooth and silky.

I’m a convert, a fan for life.

FOUR || Udemy

I’m currently doing a Business Analysis course through Udemy, which is a marketplace for online learning and teaching. Reputably, I don’t think it’s the best option out there, but they are having a sale on their courses right now, so for $11, I can overlook that tidbit and get some good learnin’ in.

FIVE || “Finesse” Video

Bruno Mars released a music video to his remix of “Finesse” featuring Cardi B. The inspiration for the video was from the quintessentially ’90s TV show, In Living Color. If you like Bruno, you’ll enjoy this video (it came out last week, so I’m behind).

Dream Travel Destinations for 2018

January 10, 2018

This list is an if-we-won-the-lottery-and-had-all-the-money dream list. If we go to even one of these places in 2018, I’ll consider that a successful year.


This is a trendier destination, but Brian and I are both really pumped to go to Tokyo.


Last year’s trendy destination, Iceland still interests me greatly.


Machu Picchu, llamas, beautiful scenery and delicious food? Count me in.

Boston, Massachusetts.

History and brick-faced buildings. Yes, please.


I’ve been trying to get to Thailand for like 5 years, and it’s starting to become even more popular of a destination. Please, can I get there before it’s the next “it” place to travel?


This is a biggie. I really want to experience Scotland in the fall. There’s no particular reason why.




Buenos Aires, specifically. Ever since I had to do a classroom presentation in my Spanish II class, I’ve wanted to visit Argentina.


Another obvious one, but it’s crazy that we’re so close to Hawaii, and we haven’t gone yet.

My 2018 Goals

January 8, 2018

Last year, Brian and I established our essentials: the specific things we were going to pursue with single-minded determination. Brian killed it. I, however, was not successful at all. Like with life, in general.

This year’s essentials are undetermined, but I hope to narrow in on them by listing some goals for 2018.


  • Consistently work out and re-orient my health with Nerd Fitness and intermittent fasting. Like all resolutions, health is always a go-to goal. Last year, Brian saw a lot of success with the Nerd Fitness system and intermittent fasting, which we’ll both be doing this year.
  • Wake up earlier. I’m naturally a morning person, but I’ve gotten out of the habit of waking up and being productive first thing, so I want establish a routine that includes an earlier wake up time, a workout, and a healthy, filling breakfast.
  • Find a uniform. The less time spent worrying about clothes/outfits, the better, so I want to find a “uniform” that’ll minimize the wardrobe, make shopping and picking out outfits simpler, and cut down on clothes waste.
  • Write a novel. The most unlikely of goals now that I have a full-time job again, but I want to dream bigger and better this year. It’s important for me to continue to make time for writing and to write one whole book over the course of a year isn’t actually an impossible goal.
  • Become a better interviewer for Coyote + Oak magazine features. As I continue to write for Coyote + Oak, I want to keep improving. Of course, I secretly want my pieces to be the best in the magazine, and I have this dream of people requesting me to cover their stories, but as long as I improve with each and every profile–whether through refining my interviewing skills, simplifying the writing process, or writing faster–then I’ll consider that a success.
  • Learn photography basics, and become a better photographer. This will align with my blog goals, as well, but I just want to be a better photographer. Not for money-making reasons but because I want to be proud of the content I am providing.

For the Apartment

  • Cut down on clutter. This is an on-going project for us. We’re constantly taking inventory of all the junk we somehow accrue, and either donate, throw away, or recycle what we don’t want. Since we want to continue to move around and be as remote-ready as possible (prepared to leave at a moment’s notice), the less stuff/junk, the better.
  • Get a new couch. We’ve actually already done this! It just hasn’t been delivered yet. This will be the first “grown-up” purchase of our marriage. Since the beginning, we’ve just been roughing it on hand-me-downs or terrible Target couches, and once we get this one in our living room, we’ll be on our way to a totally cute, decorated space.


  • Redesign the site. This is a project that’s in the works. Brian was supposed to work on it over the Christmas break, but he decided he’d rather just relax (crazy, right?). My goal is for the site to be more writing-focused and act as a portfolio.
  • Post more consistently. I got out of the groove hardcore the last few months of 2017, but it’s a new year! The plan is to post fewer times but with higher quality content. It’s also important to me to post more fiction and creative writing posts.
  • Write a long-form post weekly. Fiction or just a really great blog post, I want more long-form posts!
  • Start a travel blog. This might be wishful thinking, but as I already said, this year is about bigger, better dreams. I want to start a travel blog. That’s pretty open-ended and general, but it’s a big, general idea right now.