Things I Do When I’m Writing-Resistant

Woman sitting on bed with a spread of magazines and books at her feet

Scrub the toilet.

Rearrange the bedroom furniture.

Exercise. But like not too hard. I just moved the bed and chest of drawers.

Bathe the cat.

Delete emails (aka read college emails from 2010 and the attached class assignments and feel super proud of some of that work).

Call my mom, knowing we’re going to be on the phone for an easy 45 minutes.

Try on all of my clothes in the closet.

Go down a deep, dark psychological sinkhole because I don’t fit into the dress I wore to my high school graduation a decade ago.

Exercise again. Because of 10-year-old dress.

Read comments on my grade school boyfriend’s sister’s husband’s cousin’s Instagram photo from her vacation in Galveston, Texas.

Google Maps how long it’d take to drive from here to Galveston, Texas (27 hours).

Find Galveston’s tourist attractions, museums, and the best restaurants on Yelp.

Get lost down a Yelp review thread about Galveston’s best sushi restaurant and how it gave one guy intestinal worms but another lady saw on Fox News that it was all a hoax, and it’s a fine spot for after-Church evangelizing on Sundays (because they’re the only restaurant open anyway, y’all).

Skim half an article about being productive when writing. It says go for a walk.

Go for a walk.

Stare out the window and remember all the most embarrassing things I’ve ever said or done.


Write shitty blog posts.