Friday five

August 10, 2018

ONE || Eighth Grade 

Oh goodness, y’all. This movie is a heart-warming cringe-fest. All of the actors are actually eighth grade aged, so Eighth Grade is both awkward and earnest. Dealing with popularity and acceptance, social media and sexuality, clueless single dad and pre-teen angst, I mean, phew, this movie is full of adolescent post-traumatic stress.

I laughed and cried and remembered my most embarrassing eighth-grade moments. Bo Burnham, the comedian who wrote and directed the movie, got it just right.

TWO || Naty Michele

A petite lifestyle/fashion blogger that has stolen my bitter heart. Admittedly, I am tired of bloggers who have become business machines. They wear what is sponsored, and it looks good on them because, like models, they’re all thin (and photoshopped). Don’t even get me started on the impracticality of their outfits.

Enter: Naty. She’s 4’11 and super stylish. Her branding is focusing more on lifestyle over fashion, but I can still find inspiration from her choices.

Every body is different, of course, but it helps to see cute outfits on someone who looks a little more like me. If you’re looking for style and fashion inspiration on a body like yours, I found Naty in this Stitch Fix style post, “My Body, My Style.”

THREE || Good Things Happen in Bookstores

This article was written by Ryan Holiday, who ascertains that stoicism was born out of a man’s trip to a bookstore. I grew up in a bookstore, so I thought I was the only one who thought that good things happen there.

So here’s to bookstores: A haven and a lighthouse guiding us beyond the catastrophes and discord of our daily lives.

FOUR || Napoleon Dynamite

I watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time ever this week. So there’s that.

FIVE || Christy Copywriting

Move over, David Ogilvy. It’s time to make room for Christy Wolff.

The lovely Christy Wolff is a talented copywriter and all-around great person. She’s super empathetic and kind, which makes her the perfect candidate for working with her to create engaging copy in your brand’s tone.

If you’re in need of any copywriting for your online bio, website content, or microcopy (calls-to-action, taglines), then Christy’s your gal!

(This isn’t sponsored. I just really like Christy and think she’s a killer copywriter.)