Friday five

May 11, 2018

ONE || Mothers’ Day Gift Guide

Brit + Co. has a comprehensive guide for any budget and every mom! If you need to order something, it might not make it in time for Mothers’ Day, but a belated gift is better than nothing.

TWO || Avengers: Infinity War

You’ve probably already seen it, so this is old hat for you. For what it’s worth, this wasn’t my favorite Marvel movie. It felt like a really long setup for the next movie, which won’t even be released until 2019! Ugh.

I’m just ready for Deadpool 2.

THREE || Old School

A book recommended to me, Old School took me by surprise. It was a well-written story, and I enjoyed reading it. Short and sentimental, you could knock this out in a lazy weekend.

FOUR || Golden Hour | Kacey Musgraves

Country queen, Kacey Musgraves, has recently released her third album (well, fourth if you count her Christmas album), and it has been on repeat. Always a great lyricist, Kacey’s sound has grown up a little.

If you’re into country at all, Golden Hour should be added to your playlist.

FIVE || A Victim of Revenge Porn Tells Their Story

This 5-minute video made me tear up. Leah, founder of March Against Revenge Porn, tells her story.

I won’t ruin it for because it’s worth experiencing for yourself sans mediator.