How I Plan to Break Up with Diet Coke

March 7, 2018

Having tried and failed to give up diet coke more times than I care to mention, I want to make this year a turning point. My 30s are creeping up on me, and I’d love to enter into that new phase not only with a better, more healthy body but a more positive mindset. That means kicking diet coke to the curb.

No matter how much I love thee, Diet Coke, you are bad for me.

Reasons to Give up the DC

  • Health
    • Diet coke is bad for my teeth, waistline, and skin–all aspects of the body that advertise age.
    • Being addicted (though I use that word lightly) to something is a life buster. I don’t want any chains holding me down. This is my life, and I don’t want to be ruled by a beverage.
    • I failed at giving up diet coke in 2016. For 3 months, I didn’t even have one sip. Until I did. I fell off the wagon, and my skin freaked out. I dealt with breakouts that my teenage self didn’t see. Honestly, my skin still hasn’t fully recovered.
    • Plus, it’s just bad for my overall health.
  • Money
    • Getting a soda when we eat out adds an easy $2 to our meal. That might seem negligible, but we eat out often. It adds up. Not to mention the constant trips to the gas station for my daily 20 oz-er, or the weekly stock up at the grocery store. I know. That’s too much diet coke.

The Plan

  • Drink the rest of the bottles that I have in my fridge. Try to limit one per day.
    • This will bring me to the end of the week, so I can deal with the withdrawal symptoms–feeling irritated, grumpy, and generally miserable–at home. On the couch. In front of the TV.
  • Once the diet coke is gone, I will not buy any more.
  • To curb the cravings:
    • I will replace the diet cokes with fizzy water and lemon (or any alternative that works).
    • I will continue to order diet coke when I eat out (for now).
    • I will drink a warm cup of green tea in the morning.
    • I will ONLY drink another cup of green tea in the afternoon, if I absolutely cannot deal with the headaches, co-workers, or stress.
  • Three strikes.
    • Slip-ups are expected and are not to be scathingly punished. Too many times, I’ve slipped up, had a diet coke, and said to myself, “Well, you messed up. You might as well keep drinking them.”
    • I am giving myself permission to fail, but it’ll cost me.
    • Any time I drink a diet coke (outside of a restaurant for the time being) that is considered a strike.
    • For any and all failures after the third strike, I have to give Brian (the hubs) $20.

I have a pass/fail outlook on life, so this experiment to kick my diet coke habit has an overarching theme. I want to work on giving myself permission to stumble, make mistakes, and even fail at something without feeling like I am a failure.