Friday five

June 16, 2017

ONE || My Cousin Rachel

There are two things I inexplicably love: summertime scary movies and Rachel Weisz, and My Cousin Rachel offers both.

My Cousin Rachel tells the story of a young Englishman who plots revenge against his mysterious, beautiful cousin, believing that she murdered his guardian. But his feelings become complicated as he finds himself falling under the beguiling spell of her charms.

Currently on Rotten Tomatoes, this creepy film has a fresh score from both viewers (with a 61%) and critics alike; sitting pretty at 74%, this scary movie is, like, scary good.

Hands up if you’re going to sneak in some Milk Duds for this summertime thriller?

TWO || Smart Penny Institute

This project is the more focused, realized, and authentic version of what was once Save Money, Dammit.

Brian, the author and founder of both SMD and Smart Penny, is passionate (some might say obsessed) and super knowledgeable about everything finance-related; from budgets, investments, and non-traditional money goals, Brian know about its.

Free and available to read now, his ebook, The Complete Guide to Creating a Budget that Works is the first of many to come. I’ve actually already read it (privileges of being the wife), and though I’d consider myself an intermediary budgeter, I found the book to be helpful and informative with zero pretense. A quick, fun read (not something that can always be said about financial books), it will give you actionable advice that can be put to use NOW.

For a limited time, you can sign up to be a part of the Insider’s Club. Why? Well, the benefits, of course. You’ll get the exclusive inside track to all upcoming bonuses, freebies, and resources, and I promise you, you want to be on that list.

If you’re interested in amping up your financial game, Smart Penny Institute will be your favorite go-to source.

THREE || Pet Therapy: Calming Music for Cats

Yes, I am a crazy cat lady, but hear me out.

This Spotify playlist is meant to sooth your kitty friends and help them seriously ree-lax. It’s especially beneficial for households that are multi-petted, whether that means several cats or an animal house menagerie.

Some cats Zen out when listening to the playlist, so it can be good relaxation method for fur babies with separation anxiety.

And good news! It can be calming for puparoos, too. Honestly, the music is straight relaxing; I put it on for my cat, Sarafina, and I found myself feeling calmer and more peaceful.

“Fire Moon Woods” is some truly hypnotizing magic.

FOUR || Flag Sweater

Classically preppy. Cotton. Polo by Ralph Lauren. Need I say more? 

Anything bedecked in the American flag is an inside joke between my family and me. My 4th of July birthday caused lots of distress. Kids were always out of town or busy, and the Portlandia-level flag decoration — cups, shirts, plates, bathing suits, banners? Put a flag on it — caused a red, white, and blue ban in my house (at least for my birthday).

Fast forward several years, and I can’t get enough of the patriotic scheme. Flags, gingham, plaid, red everything? Yes, please!

So, yeah, this sweater.

FIVE || Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Inspiring Visual Stories

This is a Skillshare video course, and since Skillshare is one of my absolute favorite ways to learn and experiment with fun hobbies outside of my comfort zone, I’d share one of my favorites so far.

What is Skillshare, you ask?

Experts and enthusiasts can go onto Skillshare, and share their skills. From calligraphy and graphic design to blogging courses and cooking tips, Skillshare has something for all interests and skill levels.

All that being said …

This particular class was led by lifestyle photographer, Marte Mari Forsberg, and I really enjoyed it.  She has a dark, moody aesthetic that I gravitate toward, and the course is only 19 minutes long. It’s short, sweet, and informative.

If you’re at all interested in trying Skillshare, you can sign up for a two-month trial subscription for FREE just by clicking on the button below!

Just don’t forget to cancel the membership once the two months are over because you will be charged the membership fee, otherwise. Do like me, and set a reminder on your phone or calendar a couple of days before the deadline. However, if you LOVE it, then sign up for the subscription, and keep on keepin’ on!

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